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Incumbent Aurora vice-governor manifested to run for governor in 2013

BALER, Aurora, July 16, 2011-Aurora Vice-Governor Gerardo “Gerry” Noveras, who is reportedly being groomed by political leaders as standard-bearer of a projected Noveras-Angara tandem has announced his intention Friday afternoon to run for governor in this province on 2013 election polls.

Noveras, the present provincial chairman of the Liberal Party and who was earlier being worked out to tandem with businessman Rommel Angara, is definitely eyeing the governorship in the 2013 polls with outgoing three-term Gov. Bellaflor Angara-Castillo who is seeking to return to Congress when her term expires. However, Noveras did not mention his running mate.

“I am manifesting my intention to run for governor in 2013,” Noveras said, to stop speculations that he is being eyed as a running mate of one of the Tangsons in the coming polls and that he is seeking the mayorship of his hometown in Maria Aurora.

“I decided to run for governor because I believe that this is the right time for me,” Noveras said, who has one more term left as vice-governor. He believes that it is the proper time to run for governor instead in 2016 where his prospects of winning would be slimmer.

Noveras’ announcement at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan Capitol to run for governor coincidentally fell on the birthday of Congressman Juan Edgardo “Sonny” Angara who is leaving the Congress for the intention of running in the Senate in 2013 in an effort to succeed his father, Senator Edgardo J. Angara.

It could be remembered that two months ago, word spread like wild fire that the Angaras, the province’s political kingpins, are seriously considering a Noveras-Angara tandem in the 2013 polls. Noveras and Rommel - chief of staff and cousin of Congressman Angara - squared off in the 2007 vice gubernatorial race with the former emerging victorious, spoiling an Angara-Angara team at the Capitol.

Noveras said if the Angaras offered him the position of governor, he was willing to accept it while Rommel said that the possibility of him teaming up with Noveras is not distinct as elections are still far; however, “I am not saying yes or no because  in politics, everything is possible,” Rommel explained.

“I don’t hold any grudge against Noveras and has no problem becoming his running mate. Our rivalry is nothing personal. He’s very down-to-earth and approachable. And we are very cordial with each other,” Rommel furthered, recalling that when he lost in 2007, he even conceded and congratulated Noveras.

The camp of Angaras told newsmen that they maintained cordial relationship with Noveras because the latter kept his inaugural vow not to be a stumbling block to the development agenda of Governor Bellaflor Angara-Castillo.

Angara-Castillo manifested that she holds Noveras in high esteem for supporting her administration all the way. “In fairness to him, there was never a single instance when he blocked or opposed my programs,” she said.

Noveras earlier announcement of gubernatorial bid came on the heels of the reports that Rommel’s uncle, outgoing three-term Baler Mayor Arthur Angara, president of the provincial chapter of mayors’ league of the League of the Municipalities of the Philippines is also seeking to run as governor in this province. Mayor Angara has been seen going around the province and reportedly conducting medical and dental missions.

Noveras, is the son of the Noveras patriarch, 84-year-old former vice governor Isaias Sr. and is the younger brother of ex-vice governor Isaias Jr. The Noverases are on record as the father-and-sons with the distinction of having been voted each as vice governor of the province.

The elder Noveras ran for governor in 1992 but lost.         

The incumbent vice governor said that he will pursue programs in health and agriculture and shall continue the programs initiated by Angara-Castillo. “We only differ in the style of management in running the province,” he concluded. (Jason de Asis)

Church’s shame, a ‘small story’ for Malacañang

MANILA, July 15, 2011— The shame suffered by the Catholic hierarchy over wrongful accusations made by a state-run lottery against some bishops is not a big deal for Malacañang.
Even if the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office misled the public that seven bishops got luxury vehicles from the agency, presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said there’s nothing to apologize for.
Lacierda was defending PCSO chair Margarita Juico over calls for her to publicly apologize for dragging the Church into the so-called “Pajero” scandal.
As far as Malacañang is concerned, according to him, the case is closed and they will never ask Juico to apologize, much more to resign.
“I think it’s a small story. I think we have greater problems, bigger problems to solve and to address so it’s not something that we would like to dwell on," Lacierda said.
An official of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines earlier said they are not keen in asking an apology from their critics now that the accusations hurled by the PCSO have apparently backfired.
Msgr. Juanito Figura, CBCP secretary general, said that while the bishops were admittedly “hurt” when their names were dragged into the issue, this does not necessarily require their accusers to apologize.
“I think it would be better that if they will apologize, it should be voluntary,” Figura said.
Many bishops believe the recent attack on the Church’s credibility was connected with its position against the controversial birth control measure, known as the reproductive health (RH) bill.
They said more attacks would certainly be made against them by groups lobbying the passage of the RH bill but stressed no one can stop them in their desire to protect the sanctity of life and the family. [CBCPNews]

Integrity is not enough, Archbishop Soc tells Aquino

MANILA, July 15, 2011— The Aquino administration remains “untarnished” by allegations of corruption but has yet to prove its worth in governance, a Catholic bishop said.
Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas reminded President Benigno Aquino III that integrity is not enough because leadership is about vision setting too.
“In the ‘balanced square’ of leadership, the other three sides must be economic progress and stability; second, political will and clarity of laws; and the third is availability of education and social services,” said Villegas.
“If these three sides are given equal support connected by integrity and blameless living, even integrity itself will become part of our national ethics and the rays of bright future await us,” he said.
Villegas made the statement yesterday in a speech before the Rotary Club meeting and induction ceremonies at the Lyceum of Northwestern Philippines in Dagupan City.
According to the incoming vice president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, Aquino’s possession of integrity was a good start but more was needed.
“Leadership without vision is treachery to the governed. Integral leadership also means setting the path towards the future,” he said.
Leadership, he added, must also be integrating in the sense that it must embrace and unite and not alienate and divide.
“The true statesman must reach out and seek consensus. The leader is a servant not only of those who support him but even more of those who do not share his vision. The man of integrity must also be a man of unity,” Villegas said.
“Prosecution for previous wrongdoings must be carried out to the full but such must be done in pursuit of justice not revenge. Political vendetta divides even more,” he said.
President Aquino is set to deliver his second State of the Nation Address (SONA) on July 25. [CBCPNews]


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