Tuesday, April 30, 2013


MANILA, April 30, 2013-We all seek to preserve, not destroy life, by making it less difficult for the poor, our women, and their children to access health services. 

This was the statement of reelectionist Sen. Loren Legarda as she thanked the Purple Ribbon for RH for endorsing her candidacy along with selected senatorial candidates.

“Experience has shown that we cannot always agree on every issue.  That is part of a thriving democracy.  I am certain, however, that as Filipinos, we all share the desire to make democracy work in favor of those who have lesser in life,” Legarda said.

She said she remains committed to the cause of women’s rights, including freedom from violence, quality healthcare, education, and access to jobs.  “I look forward to continue working with you on these issues,” she added.

Legarda is credited with passing laws to protect the rights of women and promote their welfare such as the Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Act, the Magna Carta of Women, and the Expanded Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act.

Purple Ribbon for RH is made up of supporters of the RH law, including NGOs, civil groups, business groups, former government officials, private institutions, youth, writers, artists, and celebrities.

Wage boards must grant daily wage petitions—Jinggoy

MANILA, April 30, 2013-Senate President Pro Tempore Jinggoy Ejercito Estrada strongly urged regional wage boards to immediately review and eventually grant the salary petitions of workers as prices of basic goods and services have already risen since the last wage hike was implemented last year.
Sen. Estrada notes that no petition for wage increase may be entertained within the 12-month period from the effectivity of the wage order. In the case for the National Capital Region (NCR), a wage order was issued last June 3, 2012.
Estrada, nonetheless, argues that the wage boards are not prohibited from reviewing the need and validation to increase wages before the prescribed period so as to immediately ameliorate compensation upon lapse of the same.
Estrada, who is chairman of the Senate Committee on Labor, Employment and Human Resource Development, noted that the current P456 minimum daily wage is no longer enough for a worker to pay the increasing power and water rates as well as health, transport, and education costs.
He said a salary adjustment would send a strong message to the world that our economic gains are starting to trickle down. “This would be one of the brightest spots in our economy—that our daily wage earners can keep pace with the rising cost of living,” Estrada said.
The senator earlier batted for a P125 across-the-board daily wage increase for all workers. He said his proposal addresses the plight of the working class by bringing them closer to the State's assurance of a decent wage.
In filing the bill, Estrada said “the labor sector has often criticized the Regional Boards for their delayed reaction to the conditions of their respective regions, and their slow action on petitions for minimum wage increase, so much so that the labor sector is now demanding that Congress reverts back to the old system of legislated wage increases.”
The senator also recommended that the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) inspect the payroll and other financial records kept by a company or business to determine whether the workers are paid the prescribed across-the-board wage increase and other benefits granted by law.

Monday, April 29, 2013


In a press conference held today in Bulan town, Sorsogon, senatorial aspirant Jack Enrile today urged his opponents to stop the sinister allegations for the sake of national unity.

Enrile, a first-term congressman from the 1st district of Cagayan, has been hounded by murder allegations concerning Alfie Anido and several others over the course of his young political career.

Anido, 21, was a rising star in the entertainment industry when he died from gunshot wounds after a spat with his girlfriend Katrina Ponce Enrile, Jackie's sister.

“The prescriptive period in the Anido murder case has lapsed. Let's move on for the sake of national unity,” said the son and namesake of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile.

Murder cases in the Philippines have a prescriptive period of 20 years. The alleged murder of Alfie Anido happened on December 30, 1981, more than 31 years ago.

“Preventing me from serving the Filipino people as a senator will not bring Alfie back to life. It's better that we stick to the issues at hand, said Jackie Enrile, who is running on a platform of food sufficiency.

“Something that happened three decades ago does not define who I am today; as they say, the past is past,” insisted the younger Enrile, “what matters now is for us to unite and help me provide food on the table of every Filipino.


Sen. Loren Legarda, chair of the Senate climate change committee, vowed legislative support to policies that would protect oceans and marine resources, saying food security and environmental sustainability should remain a top priority.

            “I join Environmental Secretary Ramon Paje in declaring that the Philippines has a major role to play in protecting oceans and ensuring the sustainable use of underwater resources,” Legarda said, referring to the Cabinet official’s statement during the recent Sustainable Ocean Summit in Washington, D.C.

            Secretary Paje had said that the Philippines, especially, is a major player in the sustainability of coastal and marine resources, being an archipelagic country with 240 million hectares of water, and being at the center of the world’s marine biodiversity. 

            Legarda said the legislative and executive branches’ partnership should continue as they find ways to protect and conserve the country’s marine resources and prevent illegal activities that destroy the ecosystem.

            The senator has been calling for the strict enforcement of relevant laws to stop illegal activities along coastal communities and on seas like poaching of endangered species, illegal and destructive fishing, and throwing of wastes.

"The degradation of our coastal areas has long ceased to be merely an environmental issue as it pushes poverty deeper in the coastal communities through losses in livelihood, vulnerability to natural hazards, hunger and food insecurity,” Legarda said.

 “I hope to immediately refile my bills on coastal resources management when the new Congress opens,” she added.

One pending bill of the senator is the proposed Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) Act under Senate Bill 1370 which seeks to create a national comprehensive framework that will promote the sustainable development of coastal and marine environment and resources. This will provide the direction, support and guidance to local government units (LGUs) in the development of their respective programs.

Another pending measure is Senate Bill 1337, which would create the Philippines Agriculture and Fisheries Extension Agency (PAFEA) that will unify all agriculture and fisheries extension systems and ensure maintenance of the high standards of extension programs. The agency shall orchestrate, provide national direction, set standards of performance, and provide institutionalized financial and technical support to LGUs.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

As DOLE rules out wage hike order Tax-exempt bonuses & OT pay pushed for Labor Day

Sen. Ralph G. Recto today reiterated his proposal to tax -exempt Christmas and 13th month bonuses and overtime pay of private and government workers that would effectively bring down income taxes and make it as part of government’s Labor Day surprise for May 1.
“I really don't expect them to announce a wage increase on Labor Day or sooner. I hope my proposal will make up for the lack of wage hike order this coming May 1 celebrations,” Recto, senior member of the Senate committee on labor, employment and human resources development, said.
He added: “If the working Juan de La Cruz can’t expect a raft of wage-related benefits on his special day, exempting their bonuses and overtime pay from taxes would be a welcome relief.”
True enough, the labor department has announced that workers won’t be receiving any wage increase on May 1.
But Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz said some non-wage benefits package may be unveiled during Labor Day by President Aquino, including tax exemption to workers.
Recto stressed his proposal to tax-exempt Christmas and other bonuses could be integrated to the non-wage benefits that the Palace may have in mind.
He said the tax-exemption could be announced as part of government’s Labor Day package for all workers.
The senator is also proposing that employees who are earning P300,000 and below per annum should be exempted from income tax.
Currently, only minimum wage earners are tax-exempt.
According to his proposal, Christmas and 13th month bonuses amounting to P60,000 and below should be free from tax as against the current ceiling of P30,000. 
Presently, 13th month pay and Christmas bonuses that exceed P30,000 are subject to income tax.
Such proposal is contained in Recto’s Senate Bill 2879,  which has already reached the committee level in the Senate.
Recto has argued that the P30,000 tax-free ceiling on 13th month and Christmas bonuses is obsolete.
He said the ceiling had not been adjusted for the last 18 years or since 1994 when the lowest monthly salary of a government worker was only P2,800 and that of the President of the Philippines was at P25,000.
“Now the monthly salary of a basic state worker as of June 2012 is P9,000 while the pay scale of the President is P120,000 but the ceiling of P30,000 has remained unchanged,” the senator said.
Overtime pay of workers for serving in excess of their regular time load should also not be taxed, according to Recto, who is chair of the Senate committee on ways and means.
“We should not punish a worker’s hard work and dedication with a tax,” he stressed.
Recto said the government need not wait for a new legislation to implement his proposal since the Department of Finance and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) are empowered under the Tax Code to adjust the ceiling of P30,000,  but have not exercised it.
The senator said while there would be initial revenue losses, the proposal would become “revenue neutral” in the medium-term as money saved from the tax-exemptions are plowed back into the economy through increased spending. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Water level at Pantabangan Dam nearing critical level

CABANATUAN CITY, Nueva Ecija, April 27, 2013–Water level at the mammoth Pantabangan Dam, which irrigates over 100,000 hectares of agricultural lands in Central Luzon, continues to drop and is now nearing critical level due to the searing heat which has taken its toll on farmlands in Nueva Ecija.

As of late Friday, the National Irrigation Administration’s Upper Pampanga River Integrated Irrigation Systems said water elevation at the dam was registered at 187.19 meters, way below the spilling level of 221 meters. It is fast approaching the critical level of 172 meters.

Engineer Josie Salazar, UPRIIS operations manager, said there has been a steady decrease of water level in the dam over the past week. Last April 20, its water level was placed at 187.71. A day after, it shrunk to 187.56. This further went down to 187.43 on April 22, to 187.32 on April 23 and to 187.24 on April 24.

Pantabangan supplies irrigation to farms in Nueva Ecija, San Miguel and San Ildefonso in Bulacan and Arayat in Pampanga.

Water level at the Masiway, Rizal and Aulo dams located downstream of Pantabangan Dam had also dwindled due to the intense heat and lack of rains.

Salazar, however, said there is no cause for alarm since the dam can still supply irrigation to the programmed areas this coming dry season of 115,000 hectares. She said that actually, the critical level of 172 meters is considered way, way too far to affect irrigation supply to farmers.

“There is really nothing to worry about,” she said, adding that by next month, they expect the water level to go up with the onset of the rainy season. 

UPRIIS has also programmed to irrigate 110,000 hectares this rainy season and 29,000 hectares in the third  crop.

Pantabangan Mayor Romeo Borja Sr. said farmers in certain barangays in his town where the Pantabangan Dam is located still managed to plant crops even if they don’t receive irrigation from the dam. (Manny Galvez)       

Friday, April 26, 2013

Mother Lily Throws Full Support Behind Sen. Loren Legarda

Senator Loren Legarda juggles many responsibilities as lawmaker, environmentalist and mother—giving equal devotion to her senatorial campaign, environmental advocacies, and her role as single mom to two sons, Lorenzo and Leandro. A tall order indeed—but one that she accomplishes daily with admirable grace.

Among her many supporters is another of the country’s most distinguished women today: Mother Lily Monteverde, the matriarch of Philippine show business.

These two mothers coming together for a cause greater than themselves comes at a very opportune time as the celebration of Mothers’ Day is fast approaching.

Mother Lily hosted a press conference for Legarda, whose senatorial bid she has full confidence in. “I really admire Loren for her strength and conviction,” said the veteran producer. “She always gives 110 percent of herself in everything she does.”

She added, “I know how difficult it is
to excel in your career and to still be around for your family. Most people focus on one and neglect the other, but Loren has succeeded in both. She certainly deserves to be Number One in this senatorial election.”

In her over 15 years as a lawmaker, Legarda has championed environmental protection and women’s rights, authoring such landmark laws as the Clean Air Act, Ecological Solid Waste Management Act,  Climate Change Law, Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act, Anti-Trafficking in Persons Law and the Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Act.

She is now running for her third and last term as senator and has consistently ranked first in pre-election surveys, demonstrating the confidence the Filipino people have in her track record and dedication to these advocacies.

And it seems she offers just as much inspiration in her home life. Legarda has taken it upon herself to care for her 80-year old Papa and her Nanay Fely, who at 79 years old has been her yaya for over 53 years.

“She’s a workaholic, she wants to get everything done and done right,” reveals Lean about his mother. “That isn’t a bad thing at all. We’ve all seen how much good the laws she has authored have done to protect the country’s natural resources and the people, especially women and children who are most vulnerable.”

He continued, “Imagine how much more good she will be able to do with another six years in the Senate. She has so much to share and offer in service of this country.”

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hundreds of Luzon bikers to join Sunday’s TakBulacan

MALOLOS CITY, Bulacan, April 25, 2013-Hundreds of bikers from Luzon will converge in Bulacan on Sunday, April 28 for the 2013 TakBulacan biking event which advocates for an Honest, Orderly, and Peaceful Elections (HOPE).

The event to promote camaraderie among all Bulakeños and people who never grow tired of believing in the value of unity, charity, and volunteerism.

The biking event will start at five in morning in Marcelo H. Del Pilar National Shrine in Bulakan town and ends at the Bulacan Sports Complex in Malolos City.

Those who are interested are enjoined to contact Wilfredo Barroquillo Jr. of Salika Foundation at 09235641308 or 09209477833.

There is a registration fee of P200 per participant inclusive of a jersey, food, drinks, and a raffle ticket.

Moreover, the first 200 registrants would get free Sun Cellular sim cards.

The event is co-sponsored by Salika Foundation, Commission on Elections, Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting, and Philippine Councilor’s League. (Shane F. Velasco)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Senator Loren Legarda in Bohol

Senator Loren Legarda, senatorial candidate of the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC), encourages senior citizens to use their privileges under the Expanded Senior Citizens Act during her visit to the Province of Bohol. Legarda is the author of the said law that enables elderly Filipinos to access the full twenty percent discount on medicines, food, services and other purchases. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

PH humanitarian mission to help China quake victims sought

MANILA, April 23, 2013-Sen. Ralph G. Recto today said government should quickly send a humanitarian mission to help victims of the devastating earthquake that rocked a Southwestern Chinese province last weekend.

“As a neighbor with deep historical and economic ties, the country should send its own humanitarian contingent and find ways to help in the rescue and even in the post-quake effort,” Recto said.

He stressed diplomatic differences on how to approach the issues on West Philippine Sea and the recent grounding of a Chinese fishing boat should be set aside for now to reach out to a neighbor in dire need.

“China must be feeling the weight of losing precious lives and rehabilitating damaged villages. We could unburden it a bit with our compassion and direct help,” Recto, senior foreign relations panel member, said.

"I believe this is not the time to be insensitive and indifferent to what China is undergoing right now. We are humanely obligated to extend assistance to their people," he added.

Recto said finding survivors is a major rescue work for Chinese rescuers and volunteers, which the country could provide some “muscle" and "experience" after going through a series of natural disasters in the last five years.

The senator likewise urged Filipino-Chinese business groups to coordinate with the government if they wish to extend their help to earthquake victims in China.

The death toll continues to climb from the earthquake that hit the Chinese province of Sichuan.

More than 1,100 aftershocks have followed since the quake struck Saturday morning.

Chinese seismologists registered the tremor at 7.0 magnitude while the US Geological Survey recorded it as 6.6.

At least 192 people have been confirmed dead, 24 are missing and nearly 11,500 were injured, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Legarda: Protection of the Environment is a Gut Issue

MANILA, April 22, 2013-Senator Loren Legarda, a leading environmental advocate, today stressed that the protection of the environment is a gut issue.

“Environmental protection is a gut issue because environmental issues matter to our own survival. Despite increasing awareness about environmental protection and climate change over the past few years, the damage of irresponsible development models and large-scale environmental destruction has not yet been reversed,” she said.

"Hindi ito isyu na para lamang sa mga akademiko. Malapit ito sa bituka, at may epekto sa huli ng ating mga mangingisda, ani ng magsasaka, kabuhayan ng mga katutubo at kaligtasan ng mamamayan," she added.

The Senator noted that everybody is challenged anew to work together and act in ensuring that the environment is protected.

“We can do a lot for our environment. Geohazard mapping should be institutionalized and followed down to the grassroots. Funding should be provided in the GAA and in the budgets of LGUs for relocation or for housing, most especially for communities that are in danger. Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction should become part of the DepEd curriculum and there should be mandatory training for LGUs and for frontline agencies,” the Senator added.

The Senator also encouraged Filipinos to adopt an environment-conscious lifestyle.

“We should clean and protect our rivers and lakes. We should push for community-based heritage tourism and ensure that climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction are issues that are understood up until the barangay level,” she said.

For the past three months, Senator Legarda has led the distribution of geohazard maps to LGUs. She has also conducted lectures to LGUs and state universities and colleges (SUCs). She has also called for the effective implementation of the Ecological Solid Waste Management Law.

The Senator was the principal author of the Climate Change Act (RA 9729) and co-author and sponsor of its amendatory law which provides for the creation of the People’s Survival Fund (RA 10174).

Legarda was chiefly responsible for the passage of landmark environmental legislations such as the Clean Air Act (RA 8749), Ecological Solid Waste Management Act (RA 9003), Renewable Energy Act (RA 9513) and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act (RA 10121).

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Trillanes blasts anew black propaganda on anti-military, police measure

Reelectionist Senator Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV denounced anew the circulation of a black propaganda tagging him as one of the key sponsors of a bill that would substantially cut back the retirement benefits of police and military personnel, this time not just in text message s but through flyers being distributed in military and police camps.

The alleged “PNP/AFP Retirement Bill” would remove several benefits that military and police personnel will receive upon reaching the mandatory age for retirement, but Trillanes said that there was no such bill pending in the Senate.

“These desperate political enemies are continuously spreading this black propaganda to taint my reputation and undo the efforts which I have done to uplift the condition of our military and police personnel. For the record, there is no such bill filed in the legislative index of the Senate or would I have advocated for such bill,” Trillanes said.

According to Trillanes, he has always been supportive of the causes to uplift the plight of the men and women in uniform being a former member of the Philippine Navy with the rank of lieutenant senior grade. He was one of the authors of the new Salary Standardization Law which upgraded the salaries of our military and police personnel and all government employees, and the Military Service Board Law which was created to process pending claims of war veterans.

Recently, the new AFP Modernization Law, which Trillanes authored, was signed into law to extend the AFP Modernization Program for another 15 years and help the armed forces improve their capabilities in dealing with internal and external threats.

“Through the years, I have worked toward the uplifting of the lives of our military and police personnel by introducing bills which I hope would have tremendous impact on their professional and economic lives.” He added.

Among the other measures he has put forward in the Senate for the AFP/PNP welfare benefits are:

·                  Senate Bill No. 204 to increase the quarters allowance of AFP personnel to P5,000 for enlisted personnel, and P10,000 to P15,000 for officers;

·                  Senate Joint Resolution 5 to increase the subsistence allowance from P90 to P150 per day for AFP personnel;

·                  Senate Joint Resolution 8 to increase the combat duty pay of PA and PMAR troops to 25 per cent of their base pay;

·                  AFP Insurance Coverage Act to grant additional P250,000 death and disability benefits, and P100,000 medical assistance to members killed/injured in line of duty;

·                  Senate Bill No. 205 to provide payment of the arrears in the veterans’ pensions and benefits;

·                  Senate Bill No. 393 to increase the combat duty pay of PNP combat personnel to 25 per cent of their base pay;

·                  Senate Bill No. 197 to increase quarters allowance of PNP personnel; and

·                  PNP Insurance Coverage Act to grant additional P250,000 death disability benefits, and P100,000 medical assistance to members killed/injured in line of duty.

Trillanes played an important role in exposing various corrupt practices within the military organization. He appealed to voters to remain vigilant against the black propaganda that come their way and be discerning in choosing their candidates. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Legarda: Let Everyday be "Earth Day"

MANILA, April 20, 2013-As the world celebrates Earth Day on April 22, Sen. Loren Legarda urged Filipinos to make each day an "Earth day", stressing that taking action to protect the environment should not be limited to a day.

 “It is not only the responsibility of government and concerned organizations to come up with policies and action plans in the fight against climate change and global warming. Individuals also have an equal obligation to protect Mother Earth and make this their daily mantra,” Legarda said.

She said people complain about the particularly hot weather this summer and of drought in certain provinces, yet also of the frequent flooding and destructive typhoons in the rainy season but may have never asked why.

 “Yung mga maliliit na bagay na ginagawa natin gaya ng pagtapon ng basura kung saan saan; pag putol ng kahoy; paggamit ng smoke-belching na sasakyan at marami pang iba, lahat yan may masamang dulot sa ating kapaligiran at may epekto sa ating klima,” she said.

She said it is long overdue for people to finally face the issue and collectively do their share in preventing further deterioration of the environment. 

“Climate change is no longer a remote and complex issue. It is here and its effects are real. Let everyday be 'Earth Day.' Let's not limit ourselves to celebrating it once or twice a year, during Earth Day and World Environment Day. We should live it because our survival depends on it. Our love for Mother Earth reflects our love for life, for our children and our families," Legarda stressed.

"Tree-growing is just one of the many ways by which we can contribute. We must protect our watersheds, clean our lakes and rivers, and practice solid waste management. We must preserve old trees while growing new ones, and create forest parks in every barangay,” she added.

The Senator also encouraged Filipinos to adopt an environment-conscious lifestyle to help protect the planet. Citizens can start within their own households by (1) patronizing local, plant-based, and in-season foods; (2) considering energy and cost-efficient transport modes like walking, biking, taking public transport and carpooling; (3) practicing traditional energy conservation measures such as using low-wattage appliances and unplugging electronics when not in use; (4) contributing to efficient waste management system by avoiding buying unnecessary goods and patronizing recycled products; and (5) practicing water conservation activities like gathering and storing rainwater or reusing laundry water for daily chores.

"Our commitment to save our planet and contribute to the sustainability of our nation will be best demonstrated when we make it our way of life, and there is no better day to begin than today," Legarda concluded.

Friday, April 19, 2013


Team PNoy senatorial candidate Risa Hontiveros on Friday/Apr. 19 called on the Commission on Elections to set aside a special protective fund for teachers who will be on poll duty for next month’s elections.

The former Akbayan party-list representative, who has shot up to 13th place in the recent Stratpoll survey of senatorial candidates, said the fund would go a long way in allaying fears of teachers regarding electoral violence and harassment.

“Kung matatandaan  po natin, yung mga kaso ng harassment at karahasan laban sa ating mga guro noong mga nakaraang eleksiyon ay isang magandang dahilan para i-set up natin ang pondong ito,” Hontiveros pointed out.

She cited the case of two teachers who were burned to death when the school house they were in was torched by unidentified men.

“Dumarami sa media yung mga ulat at reklamo na ganyan, na siyang nagdudulot ng pangamba sa ating kaguruan at hindi natin sila dapat pabayaan,” she said in a media briefing at the Team PNoy headquarters in Makati City.  

Hontiveros said the P3,000 election-duty allowance provided by the Comelec is not enough or commensurate to the risks to which teachers on poll duty are exposed.

With her improved ranking in the surveys, Hontiveros said she is now inspired to campaign even harder and reach out to more people.

“Wala man akong bitbit na mabigat na apelyido o maraming pera, tanging ang track record ko at ang aspirasyon ng ating mga mamamayan  laban sa korapsyon, para sa kababaihan at sa kalusugan ang patuloy kong dadalhin,” Hontiveros said.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Legarda Lauds Bohol, Urges All LGUs to Pursue Community-Based Ecotourism

As the world celebrates Earth Day on April 22, Sen. Loren Legarda, chair of the Senate Climate Change Committee, renewed her call for local government units (LGUs) to pursue community-based activities for ecotourism and culture and ease the impact of climate change in their localities.

During her visit to Abatan River in Bohol, Legarda was impressed by efforts of the provincial government in creating a cultural adventure through the convergence of the five municipalities of Maribojoc, Catigbian, Balilihan, Cortes and Antequera.

“The Abatan River is unique as it is a beautiful journey of both nature and culture. You see the rich history of the towns, while appreciating our country’s natural wonders.” Legarda said. “It is a living ecological museum in itself,” she said.

Legarda likewise lauded the local government for leading in the enactment of model ordinances for tourism and environmental conservation. “The Bohol Tourism Code is a good resource for other ecotourism destinations on how to embark on environment-friendly development plans. It can be the basis for national legislation which I will push for in my next Senate term,” she added.

Legarda said there must be incentives for tourist destinations and resorts to have active plans to maintain and sustain the environmental state in their areas. Local resorts and tourist spots can offer outdoor activities, adventure and nature-related attractions provided that the destinations display friendliness to the environment.

Long an environmental crusader, Legarda has advocated for the enactment of laws on environmental governance like the Clean Air Act and the Solid Waste Management Act. As a strong advocate of climate change awareness, Legarda has authored the Climate Change Act of 2009 (Republic Act No. 9729), which created the Climate Change Commission and made the adaptation and mitigation strategies a national priority for development planning.


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