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Villagers blamed rebels who conducted two offensives to army troopers

The people of Diteki listening to their Brgy. Officials.
DITEKI, San Luis, Aurora, August 16, 2011-The local officials together with the hundreds of villagers gathered in Diteki basketball court blaming the two tactical offensives conducted by the rebels against the 48th Infantry “Guardians” Battalion, Philippine Army Tuesday afternoon.

Barangay Captain Maria Fe Rios said that she denounced the harassment and ambush conducted by the rebels to the army troopers in her barangay, lamenting that the whole villagers are now affected and worried for their safety.

Rios called the attention of Domingo Erlano Command (DEC) of the New People’s Army (NPA) and requested to stop their plan of combat operation with the army after she received information that another tactical offensive will be conducted by the rebels anytime. “After twenty-one (21) years, it happened again in my peaceful barangay,” she said.

“We want the army to stay here because they help us in the development of the barangay. Kasama namin ang army sa mga proyekto dito sa Barangay. Rebels should be out and if they are here, I urged them not to stay here for peaceful means,” Rios said.

At stage, the brgy. officials of Diteki.
Rios added that the rebel returnees (RR) here seemed to be not true to their pledge due to some informations that these RR were reported getting in touch with the guerillas.

Barangay Councilor Paleiro “Pale” Magno, married, 43 years old said that the statement of Domingo Erlano Command was not true. “No one was killed in action in the army and neither was there any casualty in the government side,” Magno said, saying that Ka Rowena Servante, spokesman of the NPA statement was a total lie.

Angelina Marigmen revealing  the recruiters of NPA
in front of Diteki villagers.
Angelina Marigmen of Purok 1 here revealed that there were forty (40) active rebels in the barangay, most of them were students from Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT). She said that these rebels were recruited by a certain Mayeth Corpuz and Regino Sindac.

“I am ready to die anytime because of this revelation. The duo continued recruiting our fellow villagers here. Bullshit, particularly the one who said that I am an NPA. I am not afraid even they abduct me,” she said.

Erlinda Sudario, of legal age said that her son Lee Sudario, Alias Ka Lee was a member for almost 3 years operating here in Aurora since Lee decided to join the armed revolution last September 2, 2008.

“We did not see each other anymore since my son joined the rebels and if I will be given the chance to see Lee, I will do my best to convince him to return in the fold of the law in order to have a peaceful life,” Sudario cried out, lamenting that she doesn’t know what to do (Hindi ko alam ang gagawin ko).

“I miss my son very much that’s why I always pray for him. I want him to be with me, I’m old and he should turn his back to armed revolution,” she said.

LTC Kurt Decapia speaking in front of Diteki villagers.
LTC Kurt Decapia lauded the villagers of Diteki for supporting his soldiers. He said that the army are here to serve the masses. He promised that he will not allow any terrorist act in the entire province.

Decapia revealed that prior to the two (2) tactical offensives by the rebels, they already know the plan of the NPA due to the early reports from the former rebels in Diteki that the guerilla will conduct offensive during that night and the following day.

“The rebels were surprised because our soldiers were already in a position waiting for their attack and that’s the reason why they failed. This manifested that the people of Aurora do not want their ideology anymore,” Decapia said.

It could be remembered that last Friday at around 11:20 to 12:30 in the evening, more or less ten (10) rebels harassed the army detachment. At around 9:10 in the morning Saturday, two (2) NPA put detonated explosives along the highway near the bridge of Diteki while on their way back towards the battalion headquarters. Only one detonated explosives blasted. There was no reported casualty in the government side. (Jason de Asis) 

Top army survives with rebels ambush in Aurora

Brgy. Diteki, San Luis, Aurora NPA ambush site.
DITEKI, San Luis, Aurora, August 15, 2011-A night after the attacked in a military detachment manned by 20 soldiers here Friday night, the New People’s Army (NPA) continued tactical offensive where they ambushed the commander of the Army’s 48th infantry battalion V150 truck and his convoy.

Lt. Col Kurt Decapia said that the statement released to local media by Ka Rowena Servante, spokesperson of the NPA’s Domingo Erlano Command (DEC) in Aurora was purely a black propaganda, claiming that one of his men 1st Lt. Dennis Moreno whom she identified as the intelligence officer of the 48th IB, was killed after the NPA ambushed his convoy here at about 9:10 in the morning last August 13, 2011.
Photo show soldiers who are clearing the area.

“No one was hurt or killed during the ambush,” Decapia said, saying that the rebels offensive lasted for only five (5) seconds, then the two (2) rebels proceeded in unknown direction,” Decapia said.

Decapia showed to the media 1st lt. Moreno as a proof that he is alive and unhurt and even him; however, he confirmed the two (2) harassment and ambush conducted by the rebels.

Decapia and Servante confirmed that last Friday, the NPA attacked a barangay hall being used as detachment by some 20 soldiers also from the 48th IB here.

Servante said that at about 9:10 in the morning Saturday, the NPA blasted explosives as a convoy of the 48th IB passed by in Diteki allegedly blowing up a truck boarded by Moreno where the blast was followed by a rain of bullets from the ambushers.

The statement of Servante was veheminently denied by Decapia, explaining that he was there inside the V150 armored personnel carrier together with his another truck convoy. “I heard explosion and it did not cause any injury. The super lolo firecracker was even more powerful,” Decapia claimed.

“It was no bearing, only one (1) detonating explosive blasted the other one did not explode. No one was hurt with my soldiers,” he said.

The place which blasted by NPA using detonating
 explosive devise.
Decapia insisted that they already know the plan of the rebels as it was reported to them by the former rebels who he did not mention the names to protect his informants.

“The rebels were surprised when they harassed our detachment. My soldiers were on the position waiting for them that’s why they failed. We have also received sightings in the place of ambush that’s why I personally proceeded in the area,” Decapia explained.

“The people of Aurora do not want them anymore. That is the reason they always failed. The supports of the villagers in Aurora are still in the government side. The rebels are wicked and purely bandits,” he ended. (Jason de Asis)


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