Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Those summoned to Senate Mamasapano probe must present report using "seconds from disaster" format

MANILA-Police and military units summoned to the Senate’s probe on the Mamasapano firefight should present a “chronological sequencing” of events from the minute “A-1 intel” was received on the location of the prey to the time the body of the last police commando was plucked out of the killing zone. 

“So we can have a clear understanding of what really happened, then I suggest that we adopt a timetable format,” Senate President Pro-Tempore Ralph Recto said today.

“Let’s put in a sequence. From the time the green light was given to the “Mike One Bingo” moment to the calls for SOS,” he said.

“Mahirap intindihin kung patalon-talon, so mas maganda in chronological order, minute by minute,” said Recto of the much anticipated Senate probe next week on the January 26 carnage which left 44 Special Action Force (SAF) men and scores of Moro guerilla fighters and civilians dead. 

Recto said a “seconds to disaster” format, wherein highlights of the operation are clocked, will ferret out “differences or inconsistencies” in reporting.

“Kung sinabi ng isang Army unit na  sa ganitong oras nakatanggap sila ng mensahe sa pulis, pero ang sabi ng pulis eh two hours later ‘yun, doon pa lang malalaman na natin na merong  pagkakaiba sa narrative,” Recto said.

Using a single format, he said, “will allow for side-by-side comparison of reports. It will also enable one unit to validate the claim of another.” 

This will, however, entail the submission of communication logs by all the parties involved in the operation, which the Senate can summon, Recto said.

“And with eight different offices investigating the matter – from the Ombudsman to the Justice department to the two chambers of Congress to the PNP to the AFP and even the MILF – then having a time-based report will allow us to check if those called to the probe have been consistent in their testimonies,” he said.

Recto said testimonies, reports from civilians and local government officials can later be woven into the timetable. 

“Kung walang format na susundin, truth will be lost in the welt of confusing reports,” he said.


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