Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year, a ray of hope for Aurora

We find it heartening that in spite of the gloomy global economic forecast and a string of natural calamities that buffeted Aurora and the rest of the country in 2011, Filipinos still wax optimistic that the year 2012 will turn out right for everyone. The SWS survey showing that nine out of 10 Filipinos still face the New Year with hope is something to crow about, considering that the contrary may be the reality, God forbid.

We at the Bagong Aurora Website ng Bayan share this optimism. And so,after almost three months of lying low, our editorial space is back to share with you our insights on issues obtaining in this province. We decided to bring this piece back with much hesitation at first, considering that some of our harshest critics are again out there to spoil our day, even accusing us of currying favor to some clans or what nots even if we have merely decided to be the perfect mouthpiece for doers and performers in public service, without necessarily becoming their propagandists and bootlickers.

It is heartening that despite the odds of our economy faring well, and the hard times that have befallen our people, the indomitable Filipino spirit is there to cheer us up, and think of something to look forward to in 2012, never mind that other people try to look the other way.

We are reminded of a scenario of the half-filled and the half-empty glass. We are told that the way you look at it shows the kind of mind-set that you have. If you look at the glass filled with water as half-empty, then you are a pessimist. But if you look at it as half-full, then you are the eternal optimist.

Hope springs eternal when one continues to hope though there seems nothing to hope for. In these trying times, there should be no hope for discouragement. We sincerely and honestly believe that discouragement is of the devil. The devil spirit will try to frustrate and discourage you and make you lose your faith in the power of prayer, faith, miracles and the Divine Providence.

Amidst all these, when we see darkness, let there be light always. Hope always for better things because once you lose hope, that is the end of it.

As one sage said: death is not the greatest loss in life. But what dies inside us while we live.

If we lose our hope: for a better life, for a better Aurora, you lose your sense of living.

So keep hoping. We are one with you in this dream. (Jason de Asis)         


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