Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eco Group urges public to observe waste-free ‘undas’

MANILA, Oct. 28, 2011―An environmental watchdog urged the public going to cemeteries in observance of All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day to preserve the solemnity of the occasion by not dumping garbage everywhere.
“Our cemeteries are sacred place and not graveyards for our unwanted trash. Let us commemorate the occasion with simplicity, spirituality and utter respect for both the dead and the living. Let us all do our share for our planet. Do not be a Zombasura!” said Roy Alvarez.
Alvarez, president of EcoWaste Coalition, also asked the public to segregate their garbage and practice composting waste.
He said doing so will not only address the impact of climate change but also reduce the proliferation of landfills and incinerators.
Meanwhile, Miss Earth-Philippines Athena Mae Imperial also called on the public to show their respect towards the environment as they visit their loved ones in the cemeteries.
"As we visit and commemorate our deceased loves ones, we need to express also our love and responsibility for the environment. Do not throw or burn your trash and avoid using plastic bags and disposable products and packaging. Let us keep our cemeteries clean and waste-free. These small steps will be a great gift to our Mother Earth!" she said.
The coalition, together with Miss Earth Foundation, Diocese of Caloocan-Ecology Ministry, representatives from the city government, Manila North Cemetery Administration, and civil society groups held a public event at the Manila North Cemetery to call on the public to get rid of their wasteful habits.
The groups paraded in the cemetery to show the people the harmful effects of improper disposal of garbage to the environment and public health, symbolized through “Zombasura” (a word jumble of “zombie” and “basura” or trash), a toxic monster who throws away garbage anywhere and litter the graveyard. (CBCPNews)

‘Get mastermind in Fr. Pops' slay'

MANILA, Oct. 28, 2011— The confreres of Italian priest Fr. Fausto Tentori in the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions (PIME) urged the authorities to get the mastermind of his killing.
Fr. Gian Battista Zanchi, PIME superior general, said it would be good if the mastermind is brought behind the bar of justice.
“We need to find out who was behind the killing, the mastermind of this crime,” Zanchi told CBCPNews Oct. 26 at the Mary, Queen of the Apostles Parish in Parañaque City.
But the PIME official admitted getting the mastermind would not be that easy. He expected the killer may be identified but to know the person or persons behind the crime would be too difficult.
Despite having three of their missionaries killed in separate incidents and two other confreres kidnapped and held by Muslim insurgents, all of the 21 missionaries from PIME will stay in the Philippines, in their respective assignments.
Zanchi, now on his second six-year term said that immediately after the funeral of Tentorio, also known as “Fr. Pops”, in Kidapawan City last Tuesday, the missionaries decided to stay and continue their mission.
It was learned Zanchi was in Japan visiting his priests when he learned of Tentorio’s murder in Arakan, North Cotabato. He said he flew to Manila and to Mindanao to be with his confreres.
“After this tragic event, we are not afraid, not just leave the place and go back to Italy and will even strengthen our mission,” Fr. Zanchi said.
He added that though risks still exist, life will continue and the resolution of the PIME community in the Philippines is to attend to their usual activities.
Zanchi revealed that a young PIME missionary is willing to take over Tentorio’s assignment.
He said there are 21 missionaries in Manila, Mindoro, Antique and Mindanao.
Asked of the specific charism of PIME missionaries, Zanchi said it is to proclaim the Gospel to those who don’t know.
However, he hastened to add they are in the Philippines, a Christian nation, because of another provision in their congregation’s Constitution and that is to provide additional manpower to dioceses which lack priests.
“We are ready to go there and help the Church to grow and when the sufficient number is reached, we are ready to go to another place,” he explained.
He further said their foreign assignments grew immediately after the Second Vatican Council. There are PIME mission houses in Brazil, Cameroon, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, and five years ago, they sent a missionary to Algeria, at the request of the local bishop.
According to him, some 19 missionaries have been killed. Of the 19, three have been killed in the Philippines.
He said they have a group of PIME martyrs who were killed in China, five missionaries killed in Burma and some of them were similarly situated with Tentorio who stayed in the village, to help the poor, to stand for justice and in the end, the missionaries were killed to silence them.
Zanchi said he is about to end his second six-year term s PIME superior general and this was the first time a missionary was killed under his watch.
Fr. Zanchi returned to Japan, where is currently based, on board a 2:00 p.m. flight from Manila on Oct. 26. (Melo M. Acuna)


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