Wednesday, December 5, 2012

On the Philippines’ 24-place jump in the Corruption Perception Index

MANILA, December 5, 2012-The Aquino Administration continues to make big strides in its anti-corruption agenda, as it leapfrogged 24 places in the recently released Corruption Perception Index of Transparency International. Out of 176 countries in its list, our country is now ranked 105th, up from 129th last year.

We see this as an affirmation of the efforts to strengthen institutions, provide deterrents against corrupt practices, and hold accountable those who have used power for personal gain.

While the improvement in our rankings upholds President Aquino’s resolve to tread the straight path of good governance, the administration nonetheless acknowledges that the anti-corruption drive remains a work in progress. Transparency needs to be instituted across all government agencies, whether on the national or local level. There are still bumps that need to be evened out for the playing field to be truly leveled. In many cases, justice remains to be served.
Thus is the test of a truly mature democracy: The change we are experiencing now must be etched into our institutions so that the new found vibrancy of our country will not merely be a blip in the radar, but a lasting legacy that will be enjoyed by future generations of Filipinos.


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