Monday, July 25, 2011

P’Noy flagship against corruption should be filed by yearend-Sen. Miriam

MANILA, July 26, 2011-“If President Aquino fails to set a deadline, his flagship program against corruption will become unsustainable,” Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago said.

Santiago, who won her Magsaysay Award for fighting governmental corruption advised President Aquino that there is a pressing need to set the yearend as the absolute deadline for resolving the entire backlog of cases pending with the Office of the Ombudsman, explaining that the Ombudsman has a term of seven years, and Pres. Aquino should appoint a muscular, adrenaline-packed nominee, because of the high caseload.

“The President should order that in the resolution of cases, priority should be given to criminal cases unearthed recently, such as corruption among generals in the military, generals in the police, and officials of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) and Pagcor,” she said, adding that the way to dispose of the backlog is for the President to authorize the justice secretary to appoint special prosecutors with the sole function of resolving pending cases in the Ombudsman.

“Unless the Congress practices self-restraint and shortens public hearings on anomalies, Malacañang should not wait for the result of legislative probes,” she said where the Congress takes forever to investigate anomalies.

She said that we lose a lot of time because the senators and representatives are fishing for evidence. Some of them also try awkwardly to varnish their image in front of the TV cameras where the public gets exasperated.

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.
“On a scale of 1 to 10, she gives the following grades for President Aquino's first year: general administration - 6.5; anticorruption - 7; family behavior – 8,” the senator said, saying that the SONA event should be supported by the entire political community, because it symbolizes national unity.

“All three branches are present in the SONA event, the only time that we are all together. The ceremony is a symbol of governmental unity. It is not the proper venue for political protests, because contrary to misimpression, this is not beneficial to the President. During this event, all of us in the government should be respectful and civilize,” she said.

Santiago is set to start this week her defense of the RH bill in the Senate, by delivering the first of three parts. “My defense on RH bill is over 60 pages long. I have to break it up into three separate speeches,” she said. (Jason de Asis)


Anonymous said...

sona,sonang bulok,wang wang penoy.sona ni penoy walang kahulugan.we have seen in the past and from the recentactuations of ostensibly competent public officials like Abnoy-P'Noy and his administrators appeals to be lack of will to bring the guillotine down on the necks of the guilty.Pnoy puro umpisa lang walang napaparusahan.

Anonymous said...

Biyaheng Impyerno sa Tuwid na Daan ni AQUINO .. SONA 2 .. puro pagpapahirap at pangarap lamang .. sa mamamayan at bayan .. na Di nya man lamang na bangit ang tunay na solusyon sa problema ng bayan.. walang iba kundi ay ang Pambansang Indutryalisasyon at reporma sa Lupa

Anonymous said...

HINDI KUNTENTO ANG SAMBAYANAN SA ZONA NI PENOY. Puro pagwawasto sa maling daan at utak wang-wang, walang malinaw na sinabi kung saan ang patutunguhan ng bayan. Ultimo pagasa hindi updated ang website sa pagtaya at ibang impormasyon tungkol sa bagyong "Juaning". Pano nga naman aasenso ang bayan, alam na pala nya na maraming professionals ang hindi nagbabayad ng buwis, ano ginagawa ng kulektor nya sa BIR. Puro dada lang yata wala pa yong gawa.

Anonymous said...

Bagsak samin ang SONA ni PNOY puro paghihiganti lang at walang malinaw na direksiyon kung ano ang plano para sa kabutihan ng bansa.

Anonymous said...

SONA 2011 ni Pwe'Noy walang kwenta.Padayon mga kaupod!!!

Anonymous said...

the SONA also did not mention at all among the most pressing problems faced by tens of millions of Filipinos-- low wages, continuing landlessness, and a burdensome regressive tax system. This omission and the lack of concrete measures to resolve these make the optimism of the SONA contrived and hollow. According to IBON, the only foundations being laid are those for continued social and economic backwardness.


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