Monday, September 12, 2011

The untold story of Bacalzo’s possible early retirement

MANILA, September 13, 2011-Unknown to many retired Philippine National  Police Chief Director General Raul M. Bacalzo tendered his retirement from the service three years ago.

Bacalzo’s wife Levy said that call it destiny or just plain luck, retired PNP Chief Director General Bacalzo would not have been the 16th chief of the 140,000-strong police organization if his retirement papers were approved way back in 2008 where she confirmed the retirement plan.

Mrs. Bacalzo said that her husband was forced to retire to devote more time for his family. Back then, she recalled that her husband was abroad when a call from Camp Crame came telling him he was needed there.

“At that time, Bacalzo was head of the PNP Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management,” Mrs. Bacalzo said.

There were reports that Mrs. Bacalzo was “pressuring” him to decide to retire early because she wanted him to spend quality time with her and their kids.

She said that they were really having indifference on him because when there were occasions in the family, he almost always failed to come and join them because of his work at the PNP.

But somehow, Camp Crame officers were able to dissuade Bacalzo from proceeding with his retirement.

“He asked me what he should do and I asked him what was his desire. When he said he was staying put, I said, okay go ahead,” she said.

The wife said they have no inkling that two years later, he would be named PNP Chief by President Aquino, replacing Jesus Versoza.

“We had not talked about that possibility. In fact, we were so surprised when he got appointed,” she recalled.

During his speech relinquishing the post, Bacalzo mentioned that his relatives went home from abroad to make sure he was retiring.

He then turned to his wife, assuring her he was indeed retiring. “This is not a promise but a statement,” he said. 

Bacalzo admitted that it must have been destiny that propelled him to the highest police post of the land. “Pasensiya sila hindi natuloy ang retirement ko (They should bear with the fact that my retirement then did not push through),” he said of other police officers in line who would have taken his post last year.

Bacalzo is reportedly mulling over several options on his retirement, among which is to teach in his high school alma mater in Batangas for free. (Jason de Asis)

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