Sunday, March 23, 2014


MANILA-Senator Jinggoy Ejercito Estrada trusts that Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales will be fair to him and to his other colleagues in the Senate in relation to the ongoing investigation on their alleged involvement in the so-called pork barrel scam.
Sen. Estrada hopes that the sitting Ombudsman will stay true to her widely-referenced statement in relation to her appearance before the impeachment court where she said she “is impervious to influence.”
“I wish that the Ombudsman will not give in to the tremendous pressure and unfair publicity generated by this controversy with extreme prejudice against me and my two colleagues. I also hope that she will not be rushed into making decisions and that she observes the proper legal processes, including the rights of the respondents during preliminary investigation,” Jinggoy said.
“We were continuously crucified and demonized in various forums, mass media, cyberspace, including the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee. I sincerely hope that the Ombudsman will do better,” he stated.
Jinggoy also expressed confidence in the counter-affidavit that he submitted before the Ombudsman, as it already adequately answered the charges levelled against him by his accusers.
“I hope that the Ombudsman reads my formal written response to the allegations and finds that truly there is no plunder case or any case to speak of,” Jinggoy asserted.
Nevertheless, Sen. Estrada said he is ready for any eventuality, including the unfortunate event that an information be filed before the Sandiganbayan. “I am ready to defend myself. My lawyers are aware of this possibility and they know what to do,” Jinggoy said.

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