Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bongbong renews call for Abad to resign to save P-Noy

JAEN, Nueva Ecija – Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. over the weekend called on Budget Secretary Florencio Abad to submit his irrevocable resignation to President Aquino to ease the pressure on the Chief Executive over the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

          Speaking to reporters in Barangay Langla Saturday, Marcos said Abad’s resignation would help lessen the pressure on the presidency caused by the DAP controversy.

          “He (Abad) should do it for the President. By quitting, it would relieve pressure on President Aquino and his entire administration,” he said.

          Abad resigned last month amid the brouhaha over the DAP. But the President did not accept the resignation, saying to accept the same is to assign to him (Abad)  a wrong. “I cannot accept the notion that doing right by our people is a wrong. Therefore, I have decided not to accept his resignation,” said Aquino.

          But Marcos said that the administration should move on from the DAP. He said that as far as the issue is concerned, it has already been decided so there should no longer be any more discussions about its merits.

          The honorable thing to do, he added, is for Abad to quit so the President would be relieved from the pressure being exerted by various groups. (Manny Galvez)  

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