Thursday, August 14, 2014

On the recent Pulse Asia survey

MANILA-The recent survey validates what I have been saying all along – that the investigations conducted by the Department of Justice, National Bureau of Investigation, Office of the Ombudsman and especially the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee lack fairness and objectivity.
The DOJ-NBI have repeatedly and recklessly dragged the 3 senators’ names into the controversy, while becoming extra careful when it comes to the involvement of other lawmakers. The Ombudsman has railroaded its investigation, without giving us the chance to rebut the allegations against us nor even read copies of the affidavits (we requested) which were used as basis for finding probable cause.
The Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, on the other hand, became the venue to demonize the three senators and publicly convicted us before the bar of public opinion. The chairman has clearly prejudged us way before it released its findings on the issue. The other members of the committee meanwhile used the panel as a forum to advance their selfish political agenda.
Note that up to now, the Blue Ribbon has not shown interest in investigating the Malampaya fund scam but it acted swiftly on the resolution calling for an inquiry on the alleged overpriced building in Makati City.
Out of the hundreds of lawmakers mentioned in the audit report on the release and utilization of PDAF, only three lawmakers are being made accountable. And out of dozens of non-government organizations who are said to have also received PDAF of legislators, they only concentrated on those connected with Janet Napoles. Clearly, this is selective justice.
Undoubtedly, the only motivation behind all these is to persecute members of the opposition while protecting allies of the administration. And the people have agreed since the patent bias and obvious prejudice of the “investigators” against the three target senators were so glaring, clear as daylight.

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