Friday, November 7, 2014

LP stalwart unmasks ICC complainant as UNA-backed fraud

MANILA-Liberal Party stalwart Representative Edgar “Egay” Erice today revealed the “deceitful ties” of the discredited political operator behind the charges against Senate President Frank Drilon and other officials involving the Iloilo Convention Center (ICC), Manuel Mejorada, to Vice President Jejomar Binay’s United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), who are using the ICC probe to shift public attention away from the investigations on Binay’s ill-wealth.

The Caloocan 2nd District Representative today stressed that even if Mejorada attempts to deny his links with Binay’s camp, what is sure is that UNA benefits from Mejorada’s claims against the Senate President, DPWH Sec. Rogelio Singson, DOT Sec. Ramon Jimenez, and other co-accused officials.

Erice said that in Iloilo, Mejorada’s hometown, people “are all aware of Manuel Mejorada’s ties as media consultant to a failed mayoralty candidate of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) in Iloilo City.” That candidate also had the support of ex-First Gentleman Mike Arroyo.

“The relationship between Mejorada and UNA is not a secret to Ilonggos. Mejorda became affiliated with that UNA candidate after falling out with the Liberal Party and its leaders, including his former boss Senate President Drilon. Their link is undeniable,” Erice explained.    

Erice said that Mejorada’s connection to a local UNA figure just confirms that the push for the ICC probe is UNA’s “squid tactic,” and that Mejorada’s actions against Drilon, Singson and Jimenez, “are being supported and exploited upon by the opposition.”

“Mejorada is no journalist, and no anticorruption crusader either. He is a paid hack, who can’t get any more obvious with his goal of creating the drama that UNA needs to muddle the investigations threatening Vice President Binay and his ambitions to become the next President.” Erice said.

Erice noted Mejorada’s plentiful appearances in TV, print and radio since his emergence as the ICC complainant: “You can’t go on media rounds, on the national level, if you have no ample financial backing. Someone is clearly bankrolling this man’s activities.” 

Given Mejorada’s shady motives and links, Erice said that they are confident that Mejorada’s allegations will “flounder upon scrutiny, given that they are the fabrications meant to alleviate UNA’s desperations.”

“Mejorada is nothing more than a ‘jukebox journalist’ – he will sing whatever tune, say whatever lies, as long as you feed him the right price. When the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee takes a look at the documents and the facts regarding the ICC, all they will see is that Mejorada’s lies are founded on thin air, paid for by UNA,” Erice said. 

“The DPWH and the DOT have said that they can adequately explain the Iloilo Convention City issue. Senate President Drilon himself said that he will not use his position to influence the probe, and that he will attend the hearings if he is called. These are the actions of people who are hiding nothing, who are sure in their hearts that they are innocent,” he said.

“This is a far cry from Binay, who is using all his powers to stop the Senate investigations on the charges against him, and who is now using jukebox journalists just to prevent the nation from knowing the truth about him. He will fail,” Erice added.

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