Monday, November 17, 2014

NOLCOM Exercised Maximum Tolerance on Rallying Militants

CAMP AQUINO, Tarlac City – About 300 militants marched on from Hacienda Luisita and also staged a short rally in-front of Camp Servillano Aquino gate on Sunday of November 16, 2014 at around 2:00 pm demanding justice for the seven (7) protesters who lost their lives during the incident that happened on November 16, 2004 in Hacienda Luisita.

The protesters vandalized with paints the front walls of St. Michael’s People’s Park and destroyed the Northern Luzon Command (NOLCOM) metal signage at the façade of the gate.

The personnel of NOLCOM exercised maximum tolerance despite the unlawful, violent and provocative behavior of the protesters.

The NOLCOM Commander, Lieutenant General Felicito Virgilio M Trinidad Jr. said, “We maintained the maximum tolerance on the rallyists to keep the safety of civilian communities living adjacent Camp Aquino and to ensure that peace and order prevail.  The local police personnel as well were there to see to it that the rallyists will not go out of control to flagrantly violate the laws.”

After several years that these militant groups have been actively celebrating the Hacienda Luisita incident every November 16, it had been particularly noted that this year’s commemoration of the incident has been unruly.

“I am not against peaceful rallies because it is part of their freedom of expression, but acting violently in rallies will not resolve anything, and will cause bigger problems. They were provoking us to respond negatively but all we want is peace and order…we are imploring them to bring their concerns to due process and not in this unlawful manner. Anyway, an independent investigation is in progress and NOLCOM remains committed to the adherence to human rights and due process of law.” LtGen Trinidad explained. 

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